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46 thoughts on “New PUBG Hacks/Cheats | TRIGGER LOCK AIMBOT, SPEED HACKS, ESP RADAR!

  1. This was my principal concern when they put survivor rewards and a premium pass into the game. That is catnip for hackers. All of that additional content has a monetary value in steam marketplace or when these idiots go to sell their accounts to those who don’t want to earn the rewards. It’s a real problem, and I’m not suggesting they stop the content systems to reduce this. I think they need to start getting more active with temp bans for suspected cheaters, escalated to permanent bans for more serious cheating offenses, maybe stripping content from their accounts, especially the premium pass content they didn’t actually earn. Or just blacklist players caught cheating and only allow them into specific quick play games with other known cheaters. Like a PUBG prison.

  2. i have 1500 hours and every first or second game i play, i get killed by a fuckin piece of shit like this… this is why i no longer play. i hope this sad fuck gets sucked out of a fuckin hole in an airplane

  3. Shitty game, after i die, i see how they play, they know already where r their enemy(me), even when his enemy not moving(only camp at home/corner) if u not bought this game yet, better safe ur 20$, if u played at sea, after die u can see the cheater, wall hacks/radar

  4. This is the worst pos player i hate hacker's. Since 1997 when I got into pc gaming quake fps it's like a addiction. They take the fun out the games steam sucks they need to do more ban the game untill they're fix I got like 70 games all got hacker's.

  5. They guy there who missed the two guys was "ghost hacking" very uncommin hack but it is out there. You might notice it when you hear footsteps out of no where. That why the two guys didnt see him aswell.

  6. 1. Next time you run a replay, press X to turn on X-Ray mode to 100% verify lock-on aiming through objects. This also helps the people watching the streams and YT videos to see the lock-on.

    2. You really gotta get off this "first sign of a hacker is leaning" bullshit, because it's nothing more than assumption, and assumption is the mother of all fuckups. All the PUBG players who are actually GOOD use the lean in a firefight, either to see around objects without exposing themselves, or to disrupt their opponent's aim. It can also happen by accident if your mouse config is set up a certain way on a true gaming mouse with wheel_left and wheel_right buttons and the ADS bound to the mouse wheel.

    Yes, some hackers do lean, but not all leaners are hackers.

  7. People, stop playing 3rd person perspective! Also if you want to stop hackers do it the right way. PUBG needs to ban people hardware, motherboards, graphics cards. People would stop hacking if they had to buy a whole new rig and a copy of the game.

  8. @rgaminecraft That's not teleport hack and that's the old speed hack they "patched" it and it works when u vault and now there's speed hacking again and actually Teleport hacks to ppl or to the hacker and teleport to the drops on top of it while its dropping

  9. These hacks are completely fake do not get hacked/scammed. There are very few legit hacks going around at the moment. But ANON Hacks can provide you Cheap, Easy to use and Legit hacks, to purchase please join our discord and speak to one of our trusted staff members who are always looking to help! Be safe hope to see you in the discord! Discord link :

  10. I think more hackers are playing FPP because everyone is poking out exposing their head to see whereas in TPP players completely hide while scoping out areas behind trees, rocks, walls, etc.

  11. RGA Gaming
    you're not that smart are you? You still reckon its hacking
    All they're doing is adding modifications to the game, its not hacking at all. there's a big difference

  12. Totez caught a brief glimpse of you running in the same direction he was at 12:50 (18:3118:32 in the playback video). Anticipating where you were going to be, he peeked the corner, a tactic I use often, and you were there. He opened fire, as I would, and killed you. If situational awareness and tactics is hacking, then I hack all the time. And yes, it's possible for a head shot to happen with a full auto hose down.

  13. the hacker aren't only in pubg… it is the same thing with csgo…. funny thing: yesterday i rekt a hacker in csgo… he was the biggest noob (i am glad he was even able to use wasd) but used the biggest wh and other stuff… just wtf…. lern the game bevore you try to imitate a good player…. was funny tho… silly hackers… skill>hacks

  14. 19:48
    you call that hacker blindness… when you always hack, you have no idea how to play the game correctly… so actually hackers are (almost) always noobs who dont know how to play…

  15. Hi RGA Gaming, you first pronounce was pretty good. Dont know if you looked to the finish of the replay.
    So i tought i should give you some wierdenss.

    Before Pioke58 fires at AmbitionCoCo, he tries to shoot us in those buildings that is slightly right on screen at 20:36.
    We kill AmbitionCoCo later and gets in firefight with pioke58 and his teammate.
    AmbitionCoCo is teammate with 47RONINI, no clue what he did over there and not close to his other teammates.
    Btw really like your rosting of hackers.


  16. instead of banning them they should make a st hacker severs that all the hackers get sent to, and they cant play on non-hacker servers but without telling them. that way all that hackers can just play against other hackers

  17. My bruddahs do yu no were da qween is? I needs to no were de qween is so I can go ome to Uganda. Da Qween is as bootiful as dey sae an she smell of the great ebola, I needs er cos she is da only one who nos de wae to Uganda.

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