Nvidia 980ti GFX Card REVIEWED! Is it a BEAST? (Witcher 3, GTA 5, Arma 3 & More)

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38 thoughts on “Nvidia 980ti GFX Card REVIEWED! Is it a BEAST? (Witcher 3, GTA 5, Arma 3 & More)

  1. seeing this test makes me very excited to build my new PC. I'm going to get a 980 ti and a i7 6700k along with probably a 1080p 144hz monitor and just seeing this card dominant the playing field is very nice.

  2. Goodjob I didn't get the 980 GTX a month ago with all that witcher hype, also JX I think they're more expensive in EU because of import tax.

  3. IMO ths GPU fuckked me up the ass just a week ago i finisshed my build whit 4 titanX SLI and ths is released about 300€ cheaper per card whit basicly same specs i spent 1200€ on about 24 GB of ggdr 5 vrm.

  4. @JayEx23 | Top 5's, Guides, Commentaries and More! Is it even possible to run 3 GTX Titan Zs in SLI? I'm pretty sure you could run 2 of the cards in what would be 4 way SLI, but I think it's not possible to run 3 of them cards simultaneously in SLI…

  5. Well structured review Jay, production quality keeps getting better. I will however stick to playing on console like the poor student peasant I am. Enjoy your beastly graphics card!

  6. Before this week when I watched a different video on this, I thought a graphics card was a literal card. Like an Oyster card. Before you rage at me, Just keep in mind I'm not a PC gamer at all, I don't pay attention to PC gaming a lot, and I'm very unclear on how custom PC's work

  7. I have a 760 and was considering jumping to a 980 in the next couple of weeks, but now ive seen this im not sure if I should just spend the extra 100ish pounds and get the Ti, genuinely is there a massive difference between the 980 and 980 Ti ?

  8. Why did you turn NVidia HairWorks off for The Witcher 3? It's a pretty demanding option and it would have been interesting to see the results with the 980ti. Good video btw!

  9. Okay. I need help. I am building a PC and I am stuck. Two MSI GTX 970 in SLI or GTX 980TI. I want to build a PC that will be able to handle 2-3 monitors and one monitor gaming at 1080p60fs Ultra settings for the next two-three years.

  10. My EVGA GTX 970 FTW+ ACX 2.0+ card gets 120 frames on Arma 3. to increase the frames on that game, reduce the "Distance View" down to about 1000 meters (highest range a sniper can zero on to in arma) you'll see your frames double.

  11. Although I appreciate this video JayEx as a PC hardware enthusiast I don't think the card was made for you or that it is being tested fairly. The 980ti was built fro 1440p and 4k gaming. At higher resolutions you will see HUGE FPS increases over the 780ti. But with 1080p there isn't as much demand of VRAM and other things so the 980ti just won't be able to increase it as much…. The 980ti is more about doing more things not doing things faster therefore making conclusions from it's performance on 1080p is possibly not the best way to measure this card. Still love the video and will still be useful for many people but this graphics card was possibly not built for a 1080p gamer.

    Also I know it doesn't matter much but the 980ti is a cut down version of the Titan X not a "980 on steroids". It is basically a Titan with half the VRAM (because games don't use more than 6GB anyway) and slightly less CUDA cores (which are useful for rendering and gaming to an extent.) This is why the gaming performance is basically the same as a Titan X without costing as much.

    Either way love your videos 🙂

  12. regardless of the gpu, hairworks does have significant performance impact, also GTA V and the Witcher 3 are moreso CPU intensive, which is why, especially in GTA V you didn't see much of a performance boost

  13. Why are you gonna be using a 1440p or 4k card for 1080p gaming? Plus what are your specs? Possibly in PCPartPicker? To bad you had to get a blower style and not one with a aftermarket cooler from like MSI or EVGA,

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