Old Map, NEW Havoc! – PS4 Apex Legends Kings Canyon!

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33 thoughts on “Old Map, NEW Havoc! – PS4 Apex Legends Kings Canyon!

  1. His randoms : shoot and actually down people by themselves. My randoms: die within 2 seconds of being shot at and don't even harm the enemies who shot them. Leaving me to 1v2 or 1v3 enemy teams.

  2. Omg who remembers when rich would carry around a turbo charger, 60 energy ammo, a shotgun bolt and 2 grey heavy mags without even being able to use one of them ???
    All u OGs like so I can see how many people actually followed rich ?
    Shoutout to wink fish for reminding me of the good old days at scrap cave ?

  3. Tbh, I wish they reverted some of the items back to how they were in season one.. idk I was jus rly hoping to be able to use the skull piercer again lol, I know they changed the song man damage but I miss the way that hop up made the gun sounddddd ?

  4. My main Lifeline has the best quotes. "Last one down, and a boom boom!" I'm loving the Havoc this season. It has become my favorite AR. Ironic how it becomes "God tier" when they take out the Turbocharger. Respawn needs to give more love to the Havoc, and create more dope Legendary skins.

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