Overwatch Player Tries Season 3 of APEX Legends (Live Commentary)

Back at it after a LOOONNNGGGGG time! It was fun getting back into this game! Thanks for watching! SUBSCRIBE and PLEASE SHARE! ^_^

8 thoughts on “Overwatch Player Tries Season 3 of APEX Legends (Live Commentary)

  1. Glad to hear you're gonna get back into it, I love the Apex content. I have to say I think you're sleeping on the G7 a little bit, it's changed. You should try it with the double tap hop-up, it's got stopping power.

  2. Your aim isn’t bad. You just need a little practice and maybe someone to help guide you with the new gun and map changes. Although, it is fun to watch the struggle sometimes, makes for some hilarious content. We’ve all been there lol. Keep up the good work! I also love the resident evil videos. They crack me up!

    Side note: you don’t have to go to your backpack to use the healing items. I believe if you hold down the up button, it’ll pull up a wheel with your healing items. Hold it and then select what you want to use or what you want to have handy. Then just one click the up button to use it. Makes it a lot faster to heal! Good luck!

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