Overwatch Player's First APEX Legends Carry with Lifeline! (Funny Commentary)

OMG, It finally happened! I wasn’t the dead weight on the team! It just shows you that if you practice a game long enough, that ANYONE can be good! You just have to not give up when you lose lol
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16 thoughts on “Overwatch Player's First APEX Legends Carry with Lifeline! (Funny Commentary)

  1. Yo pick up some ammo! You went that whole last game with like the least ammo u could possibly carry. You could have won that last game but naw you didn't wanna take the 200 heavy rounds that was in the last death box you looted smh

  2. You are definitely getting a lot better! I love your reactions to people dropping down out of nowhere ? That bloodhound didn’t know what hit’em. I was dying. Keep it up!

    Pro tip: If you have time, you can swap your armor with a person you killed instead of wasting heals on fixing it.

  3. This game is proof why kids should not go to war! If they lack knowledge. (I’m being playful disclaimer) but I will agree with you. People just be in a rush to die. I’m like dude this is rank! I’m not trying to lose point. This is survival

  4. Just started but saying anyways
    Wattson is good in the long run when you're in the last squads and you can claim ground easy.
    Also if you don't wanna be jump, don't lock in your character just let it go and pick for you. it will pick the character you have at your home screen. Isn't always a guarantee tho.
    Also!! What do you think of the Xmas event FTK? It's fun and different imo 🙂

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