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Hello, ladies and gentlemen! We are glad to see you again in our new video! Hope you are all happy to see the episode #30. Press that like button if you enjoy watching perfect timing videos.

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▼ Players featured in this video, thanks, everyone!
Isaiah Garrett
artisan Ice
Caleb Mathews
Jayden RussellBD
iCr4zy Space
itzyehboi jaylon
fortnite. plazz
Komodo Dragon
Juan Davila
Genio_austero 424
Perfect Timing Fortnite
SuperMog 820
Mr Meme
Saints Archer
StrikePower 98
upSIMON Clipes
Rob M
Saints Archer
xReSt_In_xPeAcEx •
Fl4g Connor FN
Josue Bowles
Atlantis DorweX Xd
Sdasdi Sbrucarelli
eViL PiGeOn
Axtro TV
Zaylee King
Swavy Dread
Sdasdi Sbrucarelli
IMortalMx 88
Lil_chocolate203 V
Jamie Hubbard

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Epidemic Sound
Arp Bounce – Geographer

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