PES 2019 IS BETTER THAN FIFA 19 And Here's The Proof

Pes 2019 demo gameplay is out and when you compare to the new Fifa 19 demo gameplay,trailer and new features do you think pes 2019 will be better than fifa 19?
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50 thoughts on “PES 2019 IS BETTER THAN FIFA 19 And Here's The Proof

  1. FIFA 17-19 yeah pretty shit but PES? If you think PES is better? Holy what drugs are you taking? Just uh put FIFA gameplay and features and uh compare it to PES
    On one side you see a shite ball opening with weird fucking animations and you see him, Mr. Old man kazoy now added into your club. How satisyfiying was that? On fifa, if you have gotten a player you would of needed and you put it in your squad.. that's satisyfiying. And then you see pes's squad design and you're like what the fuck is this? Who the shit uses dots as a design?

  2. In my opinion I really think pes is a good game but I don’t play it because all my friends pick on me for playing pes and saying it’s just a rip off copy of fifa so I don’t know what I should play please give advice

  3. PES plays more like real football and I think graphically it looks more realstic too.
    People say the commentary is bad but I don't think it is. No one actually likes Alan Smith, do they?

  4. I played pes 19 first and I was like the only thing it doesn't has is license. However when I played FIFA 19 it was like it only had license rest all sucked

  5. I have never bought PES and I played fifa since 97 and this year I decided am done with horrible gameplay…. PES is a nice change and way way better gameplay I miss playing football

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