PES 2020 Gameplay Trailer – E3 2019, Messi

While Konami’s PES series can’t match FIFA for glitz and glamour, the game is always a favourite amongst football fans. Get the first look at PES 2020, including footage of Lionel Messi, in this debut trailer for the game direct from E3 2019.

PES 2020 releases on September 10 for PS4, Xbox One, and Steam.


48 thoughts on “PES 2020 Gameplay Trailer – E3 2019, Messi

  1. Deberia tener mas relatos y qe sean variados en volecidad y tiempo real y qe no sea repetitivo, pido tambien, qe tenga mucha mas edicion, qe se pueda crear estadios, balones, jugadores, camisetas,etc, jugabilidad libiana y sencilla qe la presion sea buena, cuando corran los jugadores qe sean de acuerdo a su velocidad no todos iguales, qe tengan todos los estadios del mundo y cada uno con su propia iluminacion como en la vida real y clima tambien

  2. I still can’t stand the look of it! It’s just like not fluently made, the players look stiff even though things have been changed, to ball spins in a weird way when passed it don’t match the motion of the way it’s kicked, it’s just so shit I loved pes I did from 2008-2010 then from that point onwards it died for me and never recovered

  3. I really hate fanboys always debating which one is better fifa or pes, just play them both and judge! I am a "fan" of both PES and FIFA on it's own period… it's a tight competition and, for me, every couple of years (yes.. Not every year) PES and FIFA make a big change and that's why I always try them both.

  4. Real football fan know pes has always been better game
    Fifa are for 15 year old kid and some motherfuckers who can't play pes cause they are so use to scoring an easy goals in fifa.??

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