Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Review

Here’s our full review of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019! Can it stand up to it’s rival Fifa? Find out.
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32 thoughts on “Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Review

  1. Does this free game actually have different leagues to compete in and win? Games without leagues and full seasons are worthless and they are the only ones I can find! Does anyone know a good game in the play store that has all the league's and all the fun??

  2. "this is the closest a football game has ever come to replicating its real life counterpart" So there'll be whinging and whining and acting like your legs was broken in 3 places when another player comes close to you? 🙂

  3. I think it would be nice to have a football game with few teams. Maybe top countries and top clubs and focus entirely on gameplay. Nothing else but gameplay. No need for details or club transfer or anything but awesome gameplay,
    Inwonder what would be like?

  4. PES has always been way better than fifa even b4 they changed the name from Winning Eleven to Pro Evolution. fifa had to steal most of we/pes gameplay&controls just 2 even keep up or stay revelent with PES. been uh since 95 PC days

  5. Pes vs fifa is a no brainer for me, still own every single pes game from ps2, ps3 and ps4. Simple fact of the matter in my opinion, pound for pound, fifa has more sponsers with real named clubs and looks visualy as well as pes but pes definitely is the more presice game with player input, far more superior for gameplay and football realism than its fifa rival. Konami will always get my support over EA sports.

  6. Its my 10 year old sons birthday next week, he wants FIFA 19 but I'm in the process of talking him in to having PES 19 instead, it looks very impressive.

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