PUBG Cheaters Caught (Aimbot, Wall-Hack, Speed-Reviving, etc)

Update: this video shows random, unknown people cheating against me in PUBG Squad matches. I uploaded the video because I wanted people who play fair to know what they’re up against. The video is taken from my PUBG replay footage. It’s worth emphasising that I’m the one getting killed by cheaters, not the one cheating!

Watch me get shot through a house by a cross-bow, whilst mid-air on a motorbike! Hooray (I mean doh!).

It’s a huge shame that cheaters want to ruin the game for other people, but hopefully the developers can catch and ban these naughty little people very soon. I should also emphasise that although I find the cheating disheartening, it will not stop me from playing this fantastic game. The developers have done a great job, and I hope they continue to keep patching their game to make it a level playing field for everyone who plays it.

44 thoughts on “PUBG Cheaters Caught (Aimbot, Wall-Hack, Speed-Reviving, etc)

  1. bought pubg last year.and what i understand no anything to block downloaded again.and what i can say playing just cheaters vs is total trash.just watch after death how playing cheater,he knows 100% that no more live players around to close.tryed maby 5-7 battles,and im sure they all on cheats.i played wot,so i know what i say

  2. The aimbots are not as common today as they were back then as they're easy to detect and they get banned pretty quickly. The wallhacks/esp's have taken over this game and it's because they're almost impossible to detect due to the passive nature of the cheat. How you know players are wallhacking is when they start shooting at you when they have no line of sight e.g. you're in a building. What's happening is that they're activating the wallhack and for a brief moment, they don't realize there's something such as a wall in-between you and them. To see just how common this cheat is, play the game for a day and only drop into the large cities and then count the number of times people will shoot at you whilst you're in a building. You'll soon realize that at least 5% are cheating and in effect, this means there are cheaters in every game. Even Blueholes own numbers back this % up. It's mostly Chinese players who are using VPN to get onto the US and EU servers.

    Add to this the fact that the game is static where most of the players are veterans who have been playing since or close to early access and for all intents and purposes, this game is unplayable from a competitive standpoint. This is why it quite literally feels like you're playing against super AI

  3. I play on PC and just found a lobby where a guy killed me and knew exactly where I was it showed my name and everyone else’s above them is on his death cam is that cheating or is that supposed to happen

  4. I feel sorry for these cheaters for ruining the game. I mean I'm the worst player in this game but still trying to learn. I couldn't even get 1 kill or even knockdown an enemy but still I'm trying.

  5. Shitty game, after i die, i see how they play, they know already where r their enemy(me), even when his enemy not moving(only camp at home/corner) if u not bought this game yet, better safe ur 20$, if u played at sea, after die u can see the cheater,

  6. this actually shows how incompetent the game developers are. 2018 still no propper a/c protection. using the old client side bullshit. ridiculous. but i must admit… earning a billion by selling this pos, thats amazing! in other words…pay to get owned by cheaters. rofl

  7. I was doing pretty well and got to the top 5 and then some dude named chicken-qc showed up mid game on top of a supply drop and just started locking on to everyone from the middle of nowhere. Long story short, I really don't want to play pubg anymore.

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