PUBG MOBILE – Behind The Game – The Fight Against Hackers

The fight against cheaters is a never-ending battle. Here’s an inside look at our process for eliminating cheaters forever! Fair competition comes first!

Join Operation Ban Pan and report every cheater you see! We’ll handle the rest ?

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44 thoughts on “PUBG MOBILE – Behind The Game – The Fight Against Hackers

  1. Oo Ok So we have a big big and really big issue the gaming lag ..Why tell me ..Why your game was to lag why your game was to buggy and your game was too much consuming the battery power..If you or your team watch my comment so reply me fastly and Suggest me or other players who always love your game .What could we do now for your lags problem and battery drainage issue….

  2. There are some player who use second mobile with hacked account to spectated their main account while gaming so they can see where enemies are hiding. And they never get caught. And i am also using that method

  3. yeah pubg , fucking beggers . stop looting people just yo change their name , instead fix the bugs … or tgis game will be dead before no time , with apex legend mobile to be released , fix the bugs , fix the drops, fix the glitches and stop looting people , WARNING

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