PUBG – NINJA SPOTS! #1 (Secret Locations, Hidden Places, Tips & Tricks)

PUBG – Ninja Montage Ninja Spots (Secret Locations, Hidden Places, Tips & Tricks)
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40 thoughts on “PUBG – NINJA SPOTS! #1 (Secret Locations, Hidden Places, Tips & Tricks)

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  2. Now Ledge Grab has been in this game. Please make a video about this trick and parkour moment in this game.

    Oh can we still do that in these patch ???

  3. i started climbing on the top of the houses in season 2 when they had like no idea, after this video they will know faster that I'm on the house

  4. I'm as a super noobs feel really hate to see this vids..gonna take a 10 years n 20hour perday maybe just to climb the lamp cover!! and that water towers?..damn..just forget it..( had to switch to candy crush maybe )

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