PUBG – NINJA SPOTS! #2 (Secret Locations, Hidden Places, Tips & Tricks)

PUBG – Ninja Montage Ninja Spots (Secret Locations, Hidden Places, Tips & Tricks)
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Song List:
0:00 – Aero Chord ft. Nevve – Take Me Home
1:19 – CloudNone – Midnight Underground
3:48 – Direct – Lark
5:19 – Notaker – The Longest Night
8:56 – CloudNone – Welcome To London
12:02 – Notaker – The Longest Night

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38 thoughts on “PUBG – NINJA SPOTS! #2 (Secret Locations, Hidden Places, Tips & Tricks)

  1. If only u told us what the money actually for, maybe some of us will support u even more..u’ll be surprise what people will do when ur doing something for someone else

  2. Check out your discord. I found an epic spot on Erangel aswell (in Military base) its only accessible while landing with a parachute and you can get down from there WITHOUT dying!

  3. Imagine being a Bush Wookie on top of a water tower.

    Bush Wookie: *hides on a water tower

    Random guy: sees Bush Wookie

    Bush Wookie: Don't mind me. I'm just a bush, doing bush things

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