Pubg Vs Call Of Duty Comparison Part 2

This video is regarding pubg vs call of duty comparison part 2.
comment your favourite game pubg or cod
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35 thoughts on “Pubg Vs Call Of Duty Comparison Part 2

  1. Lest compare
    CodM me totally 10maps
    Future me to naye naye mods ate rhete hai
    Agr modes ki baat kro to hamare pas
    Gun Game, rapid fire,sticks and stones,zombies,snipers only, ETC.
    hamre pass to khudke score strikes bhi hai
    Awm se headshot karne pe bande pele jate hai aur hamare DLQ33 me upperbody me kahi bhi marlo banda khallas
    Kabhi quick scop ka name suna hai ham korte hai quik scope
    aur aphi examples de skta hu bhai mai
    Agr comparison korna haina to dhank se karo aur agr nhi narni ati to maat kro?

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