PUBG vs Fortnite: Performance analysis (Ft. Frame time graphs)

The debate about which is better, PUBG vs Fortnite has torn house holds apart, ruined friendships and even started wars. (probably)

Im not here to settle that debate, just to see if PUBG does perform as badly as people say it does compared to Fortnite. I used frame time graphs to give the most accurate representation of gaming performance. I used an Nvidia GTX 1080 for all the testing.

The first frame time graph is at 1:44
The matched FPS tests start at: 4:52

7 thoughts on “PUBG vs Fortnite: Performance analysis (Ft. Frame time graphs)

  1. fortnite is for all ages just like mario and zelda games ..the breath of the wild and fortnite use very similar kind of shading method the only difference is that botw has emissive values to make it look more beautiful ..i played games from back when mario came in 8bit and today i really appreciate a well mad and well designed game .

  2. since both games are trying to get into e-sports you should redo this with 144hz instead of "60fps". at high refreshrate thats when pubg will become worse

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