PUBG Xbox / PS4 Awareness Tips! My Top Tips and Tricks for Finding Enemies in PUBG

Do YOU want to find enemies easier, get more kills, and stop dying to bush campers in PUBG in 2019? Then watch this video! I succinctly run through my top / advanced strategy and game awareness tips and tricks for PUBG on Xbox and PS4! Thanks for watching 🙂


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21 thoughts on “PUBG Xbox / PS4 Awareness Tips! My Top Tips and Tricks for Finding Enemies in PUBG

  1. Decided to rewatch this now that I'm more used to the game. It did clarify some things. If you remember I asked about a video on movement timing and clearing, this did answer some so a video isn't necessary. However some situations are still unclear. Such as your drop location being far from the circle. Do you move once you have certain gear, or maybe a certain time left, or maybe you just grab a gun and look for a quick kill to steal his stuff? Same situation but you have a vehicle. Do you drive to the circle and hide your vehicle so you can get some kills, abandon your vehicle outright and go on foot, drive just short of reaching the circle so you dont attract attention, or maybe beeline it straight to the middle of the safety zone? I understand your clearing methods more after rewatching but say you beeline it to the center early on. When enemies could be anywhere how do you start clearing? Get in a building to survey the area or is that on obvious spot for the enemy to look? Maybe stake up outside of the house to watch for enemies trying to reach it? Maybe concentrate on a small area until you know it's clear and then continue with another small area.
    Sorry this was super long, just mulling it all over.

  2. Great video. I'm only 5 games in and completely lost so these videos are a big help. The frustrating delima currently is what to do when going near or into buildings. I'd like to survey it at least a little bit before approaching but if I take cover I feel like I'm a sitting duck, yet if I try to run from cover to cover while I survey I feel I'm just signaling everyone to come and shoot me.

  3. Since I play mobile I have the iq for this game to the tee but since getting it on console I’m so terrible at aiming and controlling recoil in this version I lose almost every engagement that it’s beginning to frustrate me 🙁

  4. hey man im pretty new to your content and i wanted to say that i love your stuff thus far! with that being said i was wondering if you'd be willing to talk about sensitivity or recoil control… you seem to have great control over your shots and i struggle with over dragging my sight across someone and i lose a lot of one on one gunfights.

    thanks for the good videos and keep it up!

  5. Hello mate I’ve just subbed thought I’d let you know that me and all my mates have come back to PUBG because modern warfare is trash, and I think there might be a little surge In people joining the community like us which is only a good thing for people like you ?

  6. When I’m being targeted by dmr/snipers, I run then turn around then run back again since people seem to aim at the direction you run into but this work only being targeted from the side

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