PUBG XBOX / PS4 "HACKER" – top player controller cam gameplay

Its not uncommon that I get accused of hacking / cheating when playing PUBG.. so I decided to add a controller camera! If you’re interested in my sensitivity settings, I’ve linked them below also! Thanks for watching everyone 🙂

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Birocratic – Replaced EP, Tubshop, Lovely Rita
Boogie Belgique – Every Time

Sensitivity Settings:

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28 thoughts on “PUBG XBOX / PS4 "HACKER" – top player controller cam gameplay

  1. I don't believe this shit the most dumbest players you have come up against. Smashing windows amazing you cannot be heard but the dumb walk into your gun site amazing got to hand to you make bullshit video like this.
    it does not matter if you cheat or not but the video was edited a lot and some of the kills with grenades look suspect was that some friends you were killing for the stream..
    Aimbots unite…

    I believe your not a cheater…your just bullshiting people to follow you of there is a whole raft of gamer streams of gamers that are "GENUINE" that wank off to their followers.

  2. as some one who has played against harvies i can tell you he's just on a level of git gud you can't comprehend, were all vegeta's to his goku, harvies cheating? never heard more salty lies in my life ?

  3. Ignore the salty brigade you don't need to prove your talents are genuine to us. We can tell by your good nature and those fools just show themselves for us all to see. Hee hee great play as per and chilled tracks Boogs Ultra Magnus what a great remix I'll be getting that compilation love the music cheers

  4. once i face a perfect player in other game "For Honor" he deflected almost all my attacked and i reported him as a cheater! then stumbled across his channel in YOUTUBE!! he was a perfect dude whom i learned a lot!! i was so ashamed of myself and learned a lesson! never accuse a person of cheating just because he is better than you!! 🙂

  5. Hey Harvies… The music you use in a lot of your videos..? Is it subject to copyright?

    Another great video by the way… and you’ve definitely converted me to the AKM & Halo sight… Really making use of a lot of your tips and picked up my first 15 kill game today ??

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