Quick Explanation Of Apex legends Respawn Reddit Incident

Respawn devs snapped on Reddit, calling one player a “d#8k” and referring to others as “a##hats,” “t0#ic,” and “freeloaders.”

CEO Zampella said developers received unfair attacks from players, but still apologized to those that got offended by the responses from the team.

thanks to Johnny Wallop
for the footage check him out

8 thoughts on “Quick Explanation Of Apex legends Respawn Reddit Incident

  1. This was massively unprofessional on the part of the Respawn devs.
    Complaints and gripes should always go up the chain, not down.
    No matter how frustrated you are, you don't take it out on your customers. That's rule 1 of business, right?

  2. Yeah, that was not cool of the RDs
    At the end of the day, the people that play Apex are their customers and you got to do everything to keep the customers on your side and going around and basically putting them down because of certain actions, that is not the way to go about business

    I'm sure, being some who works is a small business, and there are others that can probably testify to this, you go around your business and put someone down who is giving you said business, you'd probably be shown the door

  3. Super Great video, This is the type of gamer news I like that isnt attached to a 10min plug about how awesome their channel is and the 1min of information. REALLY great job!. I will be back!

  4. From what I understand happened the fans were mad and rightfully so with being forced to pay for cosmetics and while I understand devs are under a ton of pressure and get frustrated with the more wild fans, a subreddit with your consumers on it is probably not the best place to vent

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