Ranking And Explaining Every Weapon In Apex Legends!

Want to know what weapon does more damage, which weapon has the craziest recoil, and how to choose the best weapons for your fighting situation in Apex Legends? Here’s a thorough and complete showcase of each and every weapon in Apex Legends, how much damage they do, clip size, headshot bonuses, and relative value against others in their ammo/weapon class! If you found this valuable, leave a like to support the video! Subscribe & Hit the bell to get my uploads! | Twitter: | Follow the stream, Raynstorm! ►

Apex Legends is a pretty difficult game to grasp at first, with all of the moving pieces of a battle Royale, yet also adding the element of classes. Apex legends brings another layer of depth to it’s battle royale with significant recoil patterns, clip size adjustments, headshot bonuses and more to the various weapons in the game. Here, I’ll go over the very best weapons, rank them and explain them relative to the other options in their class. I think this will be very helpful for new players and those just getting the hang of their weapon preference and style!

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Apex Legends is a Free to Play Battle Royale available on PC, Xbox and PS4! Check out this exclusive new gameplay reveal and in depth dive into the creation of the game with the dev team at respawn studios! This game is made within the titan fall universe, and features distinct “classes” like realm royale that you use to take on swarms of other players in a free for all, battle royale fight for the title of last man/team standing!

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24 thoughts on “Ranking And Explaining Every Weapon In Apex Legends!

  1. 0:55 "What you're looking at here is an assault rifle, which is a sub-machine gun" These aren't the same. Yes in Apex they've done weird things with gun classes, but that'll make both the R301 and Alternator ARs or both SMGs. Just not both AR and SMGs together

  2. The Mozambique is good when you just land you need to defend your self and there is nothing else. I have been in plenty of situations where it saved my life. Its a last ditch after weapon.

  3. My favorite combo is the Hemlock and longbow/scope. Gives me the confidence to know what I'm potentially getting into from a safe distance (or snipe) then have a good close quarters weapon.

  4. I love the spitfire because it is good for close range and is super accurate in aim for far range and the mag is huge so you have a lot of ammo for what your doing

  5. I think if you pick up any ROBLOX player that’s been playing for a while you can just show them the game and then just automatically good at the guns with the big recoils

  6. A peace keeper will not do that much damage to someone that far away. The reason why it's 110 is because it's meant to show how much damage it would do straight on! Check the facts, but good video.

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