Revenant Two Weeks Later… Is he good? (Season 4 – Apex Legends)

►It’s been about two weeks since Revenant was released. I played him for a day, did he turn out to be that good?

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35 thoughts on “Revenant Two Weeks Later… Is he good? (Season 4 – Apex Legends)

  1. They should give revenants ultimate the same healing speed as Gibraltars dome shield. Then when you pop the med kit you get right back to the fight..

  2. The totem is way too situational, too situational to take over wraith or like wattson or gibby. that being said when hes useful hes almost unfair. i had this one time in sorting factory where i flew on one of the cranes and i used the totem up there and jumped down with my tactical taking out 2 people almost 3 and then my teamates had easy cleanup to do. they had no chance to kill me since once i got my hp wrecked i was back to safety that they couldnt reach

  3. Okay okay I did find one idea from someone about how revenant should be changed up. And I for one agree to all of this fully.

    "For an assassin character with so much edge and emphasis on overcoming death he does not add much to the already established game play.

    In a world of Pathfinder having the ability to mount the top of a 5 story building in 2 seconds, Revenant not having the ability to scale a building infinitely is embarrassing. The time it takes to climb any large building is a downside and leaves Revenant at risk of being shot down which balances this ability well. I would even go a step further and suggest climbing speed should be increased. The crouch walking speed is effective in my opinion, no changes suggested.


    This "silencing" ability is tricky. I personally think the ability is very strong and effective, but I have seen suggestions from other well known players on buffs. I'll leave this one up to the community. No changes suggested from me.


    This ability is what bothers me the most. This ability is what makes Revenant, Revenant, but it is very underwhelming.

    First of all the ability is nicknamed "death protection," but it is more of death postponement. If you enter the death totem at full purple shield and full health, damage is only dealt to your health (100 hp) or whatever you enter the totem with. Then once you die you return back to the totem at 1 hp and full shields. (101 hp). No matter how this is used a players HP is being split in half for whatever gun fight of situation you are in. In a gun fight this is mostly a hindrance because it forces you to combat at a handicap and then exit the gunfight at low HP. Its like having an escape like Bang, Path, or Wraith, but not at your choice, its an ult, and to use it you have to drop to 100 hp. Now yes anyone can use this ULT, but its a real feel bad when your team rushes into a fight essentially at 100 hp then "die" only to either postpone continued fighting till we heal or rush back into a fight at 100 hp (or whatever shield you happen to have.) The totem is timed, has a distance restriction, and is countered very easily if an enemy team know where the totem is. Imagine if using a Wraith portal cost 100 hp.

    Now what I suggest his ULT buffs to be depends on the type of character we want Rev to be. He is an assassin and aggressive player.

    My first suggestion is when someone dies in shadow mode they should return to the totem with 15-25 health points. Which would make the totem a flavorful, fun, over shield. An over shield is essentially death protection from a different angle. Returning to the totem with a little extra health would in no way be overpowered due to the many downsides of the totem.

    Secondly, either remover the distance or extend it. I don't even know what the distance exactly is TBH.

    The timer is fine.

    Alternatively, what if entering the totem with low health gave you 100 hp no matter the circumstance. An inst-heal/separate hp model for the shadow.

    Shadow mode needs abilities, like in Shadowfall. Shadow mode is extremely underwhelming. Increased melee? Movement speed? Something. [Idunno about the shadowmode abilities this is actually me but watevs]

    Competitively, Revenant is questionable, but close. I follow competitive Apex pretty closely and it would be really nice and refreshing for viewers and pros if the legend meta was shaken up somehow. fixing his ultimate would do this IMO. And I know, Respawn caters to the casuals and rightly so. They spend most of the money and make up 99% of the player base. (guess). But, the majority of the top tier Apex streamers are professional players or player that play with a competitive mindset. Thus, all the eyes on their game at is fueled and represented by competitive players.
    I merely suggest to make your new and most beloved character at this moment competitive. Push the limits. As much as we complain. When it comes to legends, I for one, would rather be calling for Nerfs instead of buffs. Respawn made Gibby playable and is pushing Bloodhound in the right direction. Revenant is pathetic."

    He was misleaded in the trailers and hyped up for nothing. Please respawn i love you and havent stopped playing the game since launch but push pounderies and shake up the meta and change things around. We know you listen to us unlike most developers and its shown through gibby and bloodhound and every season change. Give the deadly assasin that refers to himself as "death" to have at least somewhat of a reason to be called this in game

  4. His ability should have been like to teleport to a nearby enemy and his passive should have been to increase melee damage after using your ability (so like after pressing q melee damage is increased and when u perform melee your hand is like the knife thing in the trailer) would be pretty good for finishing kills or chasing

  5. Buff octane, Mirage, Crypto, and Revenant. Bass characters such as Gibi, Wraith, and Pathfinder that cost no grinding are better and easier to play. So many missed opportunities with these characters in the effort to make the game not pay to win like their reputation contributes to. Just please do something Respawn, you need to listen to ideas from the community and make a change to your beautiful game.

  6. I think he was over hyped. They should take away the 10% extra damage from him and instead of coming back with 1 health it should be 25, also increase his distance in his ult. His passive should let him climb a bit more as well.

  7. Revenant should jump higher and longer distances, his top speed while sliding lasts longer, should climb walls faster, he can jump on walls (he can jump while on the wall for extra height when climbing), he doesn't slide as much when landing on a wall, and his running acceleration is increased.
    i think that should be his passive, just a buff to all of his general movement.
    His tactical will do 10 damage on impact, and if you are in radius of the AOE you will take 1 damage per half second
    His ultimate should have unlimited range and if you have a quarter or less of your health you will respawn at the totem by the end of the duration instead of staying out in the open. the duration of shadow form lasts a bit longer and you can heal while in shadow form.

    edit: and his silence ability should disable passive abilities. fuck bangalore and lifeline

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