Rules of Survival Ultra vs PUBG mobile ULtra Graphics Comparison

Pubg Mobile Vs Rules Of Survival (Pubg VS ROS)
PUBG Mobile vs. Rules of Survival! (Which Game is Better)
PUBG Mobile Vs Rules Of Survival Weapons Sound & Animation Comparison
PUBG Mobile VS Rules OF Survival Comparison. Which one is best?

did ,Rules of Survival Have better Graphics than PUBG ? OMG

hi guys in this video im comparing ROS ULTRA 2019 vs PUBG mobile . did rules of survival ultra did better graphics than PUBG mobile ?
comment below

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35 thoughts on “Rules of Survival Ultra vs PUBG mobile ULtra Graphics Comparison

  1. PUBG : real men and realism and good mechanics
    Ros : Look where the same person and you brother look at you you got the whole world…

    Man fuck this shit…
    Pubg : Yes we are the same but still whatever you say asshole…
    Ros : Worst brother

  2. I feel like graphics are pretty similar for both, except for RoS’s water. Fix that, and I think it would be a tie for graphics. I personally play RoS but I like both games. Also, RoS wasn’t meant to be as realistic as PUBG, peeps need to stop comparing them on realism, it’s styled like that on purpose.

  3. On 1:38 you can see the texture of the white wall close to the door is kinda too bright even though there is shadow, this is a problem that i have seen with netease br games in ultra graphic, the saturation is too bright

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