Ryzen Mobile Gaming [Part 2] GTA V, The Witcher 3, Battlefront II & More

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Ryzen 5 2500U Gaming Explored Part 2

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49 thoughts on “Ryzen Mobile Gaming [Part 2] GTA V, The Witcher 3, Battlefront II & More

  1. good video but im a fighting game fan this didn't help much. I'm not criticizing the video its just most gamers aren't shooter fans just most youtubers maybe i'll just go for it and take it back if i don't like it thumbs up though theirs a lot of info in this video depending on what type of gamer you are.

  2. I've gotten an aspire 3 A315-41 with ryzen 5 2500u but the games is not as good as the games on the video, what can I do to get better experience? (sorry if my english is wrong I'm not native speaker)

  3. If any1 is interested i get 20 FPS in Dalaran in prepatch at 1080p and In Pug Radis with max people you can limit FPS to 30 to avoid LOW fps dips and you will probs be ok in BFA raiding aswell 🙂 with more graphics updates with expansions you lower the resolurion and GG. I raided on my old laptop with 720p with 80% rendering.
    The DX12 will make good use of all the cores/threads it has so you are set up with if for a couple of years 😀

    If you have a pc to raid on most of the times but need a workable laptop on the go for then 2500u rocks. Even with 8GB ram model from acer that i got has an ssd so even if ram fills up you arent stuck with slow pagefile of an HDD.

    I'm in love with the ryzen 2000 series tbh. got 2600x with costom 6 pipe air cooler and you can crank (OC) that baby up (and if you are on the cheaper side of GPU ya dont rly have to.

  4. Lowspecgamer shud definitely buy this laptop, console-ish fps but with tweaks will get more fps…budget gamers can dodge the mining Gpu shortage with this solution great job AMD! ?

  5. I know you probably did, but just to be clear… You did go into settings and make sure Nvidia HairWorks was turned off before taking this benchmark for The Witcher 3, correct? If it is, for whatever reason, turned on on an AMD graphics card, it will overwork it like crazy because it's designed by Nvidia specifically for Nvidia cards.

  6. wow. when did 20-30 fps become totally unplayable? i remember the days of before GPUs where we got flat shaded polygons at 10-15 frames per second, if that and we liked it. because it was all there was.

  7. Just for perspective: my i7 haswell + GTX 850M will play Witcher 3 buttery smooth (v-sync, 30 cap, med settings). So, anything above the gtx 850m should be considered before integrated graphics imo. Btw, I'm not anti-ryzen. My desktop is an R7 1700X + Vega 64 + gigabyte aorus x370 gaming k5 (The big red machine xD).

  8. So, judging purely by how this performs in GTA V and Geralt 3, I guess it's safe to assume I can run something like Morrowind (Oblivion, perhaps?) with best mods/Deus Ex/Anachronox/Geralt 2 and Galactic Civilizations II/X2 (maybe even X3?)/Freelancer completely maxed out in 1920×1080 while sustaining solid 50~60 FPS with this when riding on a train/bus? Also – what about modern (like Dolphin/Cemu/PCSX 2/PPSSPP/Citra) emulation? Does it run emulated games well? That's really all I need from this, so if I'll be able to pull this off with just Zen APU's integrated graphics alone – I'm pretty much sold.

  9. That gpu usage bouncing around tells there is something wrong other than hardware itself. Maybe a driver will fix this. These chips are meant to perform better

  10. Unfortunately a lot of the games tested were optimized for Nvidia to some degree. Witcher 3 uses Nvidia gameworks, GTAV favors Nvidia, shadow of war favors Nvidia, etc. The ubisoft games also favor Nvidia iirc. I suppose it's hard to find a game that isn't a little extra optimized for Nvidia though. Still impressive for 15w!

  11. Isn’t Intel planning on using their 65/100 watt chip with the superior APU (28 VCU’s, 4GB HBM2 on the chip) in their midrange gaming laptops?

    That’s the impression I was given, and that obviously smashes the AMD option in performance, beating the MaxQ 6GB 1060 in most benchmarks, and sometimes the rx580 8GB “Black”, falling a bit short of the Auros, but still insane for a chip with a 65/100 tdp which can also be OC’d on the CPU and igpu end, at least in regards to the hbm2.

    I’m 99% sure they are putting it in laptops along with the desktop chips.

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