Season 0 Kings Canyon GRAND TOUR! – PS4 Apex Legends

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48 thoughts on “Season 0 Kings Canyon GRAND TOUR! – PS4 Apex Legends

  1. That bangalore could have helped a lot more at the end there. She should have waited about 30sec on her ult, and she could have been smoking the enemy team on the high ground to break line of sight and get better positioning. It drives me crazy when bang players only use the smoke at their own feet, you should put the smoke on the enemies when they have high ground or good cover and force them to either stop shooting at you or come out from cover

  2. yeahhhh double tap kinda sucks now im super sad it use to be op in S3 but now its just a nuisance, like i picked one up the other day by accident and went to shoot someone and didnt realize i had it on and completely missed every single shot in the clip… so sad..

  3. You always say you can't understand some of the character's quips and need translations. But what do YOU say when you say "if you're new around here, join the iTemp-something".

  4. Still looking for somebody to play with on ps4. I’m an ok semi defensive player who likes to main caustic. Anyone please? (I’m fairly ok at English)

  5. As a season 3 Bangalore main. On that final team up top. I would’ve used my ult to push them inside the houses then used smokes to “hide” us moving up to them

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