Shroud Ranked Up To Masters – Apex Legends Season 4

Shroud Ranked Up To Masters – Apex Legends Season 4

29 thoughts on “Shroud Ranked Up To Masters – Apex Legends Season 4

  1. (pc) Mouse and keyboard is king sadly.
    The interface is created for (pc) mouse keyboard. Couple examples:
    Faster Movement
    Moving/bobbing while looking in deathbox

    And since when does apex have aim assist? And how to you do it?
    I play xbox. And theres no assist

  2. Anyone serious in ranking up and being in my youtube videos hit me up. PlayStation name: EJO_ASSASSIN
    im platinum so u must be atleast gold and hungry to whoop ass;)

  3. I never have watched shroud before but I've always about him. I'm a console player and I agree controller on PC is alot of fun and bring very comfortable with a controller can wreck some MnK players. Also at about 13:00 I wasn't expecting so many misses on Pathfinder. I'm glad someone who isboverly praised can miss too

  4. Shroud you're a god! Love the vids and it's really nice to hear a MNK guy sticking up for controller players. Kind of unheard of these days and to be coming from the GOAT I think it's something every other MNK player should hear! Much props! Keep doing you Bro!

  5. I think aim assist is strong, but only because I play on controller and I played without aim assist and muzzle flash makes it hard to track especially with the R9. I sympathize with people who agree on this, but I dont like how people say aim assist is too strong because we shouldnt be able to hit what we cant see. Instead of aaying that, argue for the muzzle flash changed because if we turned that down then aim assist could also be turned down a bit too because Im all for natural aim rather than so much assist, it feels so rewarding to get a kill knowing you used your own aim. I turned aim assist off on fortnite because that was stupidly overpowered. But thats not Apex lol

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