Shroud Smurfing 8 Straight Wins Ranked Up Silver – Apex Legends Season 4

Shroud Smurfing 8 Straight Wins Ranked Up Silver – Apex Legends Season 4

39 thoughts on “Shroud Smurfing 8 Straight Wins Ranked Up Silver – Apex Legends Season 4

  1. 48:20 This is not funny … Ok its funny .. But you cant do it in low rank … Its not ok … If you want to smurfing its ok but dont make fun of low skills players … If you on master you will get fucked up.

  2. Shroud said 19 twinks are the easiest to get gear for??? LOOL No. 19 twinks are the MOST EXPENSIVE twinks and the HARDEST to properly gear without buying / farming tons of gold. 19 twinks are so common because they are the strongest twink for their bracket by far, crusader is busted at level 19.

  3. Imagine crying about smurfs online. Its a video game. Deal with it. Plus, you don’t lose RP in bronze so why does it matter if he smurfs??? It not like he’s smurfing in diamond lmao

  4. All the hate on this but he literally stated in the video that there boosting bnans and there doing it cause Tyler and mike can’t find a third to play pred lobbies cause bnans isn’t good enough to play in them

  5. But is it really a good idea to boost his gf? Because the second she starts playing solo she's gonna lose all that sr because she's not supposed to be in that skill zone

  6. people here complaing about "Smurfing" but yet isnt this what he would have done anyways when he started the new season of ranked? everyone starts at bronze every pro aswell. so this is really just an inevitable thing that was going to happens to people anyways. also shroud is already pred i believe. so maybe he just wanted a clean accountr to see how fast he can re-hit pred again for shits and giggs. same with public lobbies where its literally a mix of the best and worst players at any given time yes nobodys complaining about that

  7. I lose myself in these comments. So I’m going to make this easy. NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT PRO PLAYERS DOING THIS, THERE IS LITERALLY NOTHING AND NO EFFECT YOU HAVE HERE ON THESE GAMERS. Now that that’s out of the way. People do this to mix things up and say interacted with the game. To regrind all over again. That’s what makes it fun. If you complain about this, it’s because you’re trash compared to them. That’s your own fault. Now stop bitching and watch the video. If you keep complaining just find a new game and new streamer.

  8. Why does the way shroud sets up his loadouts give me anxiety. Haha I'm sure hes not the only one that prefers a red dot on a g7 but watching him pass up 1 to 2x and bruisers just made me uncomfortable for whatever reason..

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