[Slow motion] 144 Hz vs 120 Hz vs 60 Hz – Fortnite

Display: ASUS GL504GM
Recorded with Sony RX10 II

29 thoughts on “[Slow motion] 144 Hz vs 120 Hz vs 60 Hz – Fortnite

  1. Is it just me or is that 144 and 120 looks very identical but just the tiniest blur on the 120 and 144 is a little smoother ehh I just say they look the same too me.

  2. i have over 1200 wins in fortnite with a 60hz monitor on pc after i moved from ps4. I dont notice anything bad as this is all i'm used to but i fucking clap kids when they approach me. So on 240hz i cant imagine what id do
    epic: lil 1shotdre

    will change to YT 1ShotDre in 2 weeks 🙂

  3. So in some of these examples, the 60hz character position is either further or farther behind the 144hz, is this the result of the different refresh rate creating a sort of after image effect of the char. or was the slow x speed slightly different? If the former, would this explain why head shoting people never works?

  4. I don't actually know why you should get a 144 Hz monitor for Fortnite. Maybe I could understand for Cs:Go but not for this game.

  5. Awesome video I was debating on running 144 Hz monitor 2560×1080 vs a 120 hz over clocked 3440×1440 both w Gsync. I’ll go for the 120hz. I’ll take the res over the 20 extra hz. Again great video!

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