Sypher Explains Why Epic STOPPED Releasing Patch Notes ft. Timthetatman (Fortnite Chapter 2)

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46 thoughts on “Sypher Explains Why Epic STOPPED Releasing Patch Notes ft. Timthetatman (Fortnite Chapter 2)

  1. Sypher, I really like to watch your games but sometimes I just want to save up some time and would like to know where the content of the title is to be seen/heard. Could you include time marks in your description in future videos please?

  2. “Trys to be all strategic.” “But he’s still bad.” Sypher: “What? What does that have to do with anything?” Tim: “that makes no sense.” Me: sypher you literally make educational videos which are STRATEGIC PLAYS. “What does that have to do with anything.” >__> literally everything in BR has to do with strategy. Ya bot. Cx

  3. Lol "tim says" hey sypher theres usually a chest that spawns there an over here by the rock" "sypher" hey tim did you see my video about theres 100% spawn now for all chest" tim- no i was dying to fall damage at that moment. ??

  4. Sypher shut the fuck up nigga god damn you’re that one fucking friend that knows everything on this fucking earth nigga just shut up for once. Fucking bitch just shut . The . Fuck. Up. Shit. Just release a video where you don’t teach us something please like fuck. What am I in school again ?

  5. I feel like ever since the mechs came out the patch notes for them were released Fortnite died. They probably don’t want to repeat that mistake and just keep it as a surprise

  6. No they stopped because they didn't want to show that they added a "mythic goldfish" that you have to fish and it's a one in a million chance of getting it. It's a tin can but better, it does 90 to the body and 200 for a headshot

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