THE BEST PAID GTA 5 MOD MENU! Impulse Menu After 1.46!

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Link To Buy The Impulse Menu –

Need WinRAR? Heres a link!

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50 thoughts on “THE BEST PAID GTA 5 MOD MENU! Impulse Menu After 1.46!

  1. I'm pretty sure Impulse has turned into a scam.
    Tried paying via Shoppy – BTC is out of my account.
    I speak to the live chat in the bottom right corner of Impulse, the person responds with an incorrect Shoppy email and says it's not their problem.

    Then the widget disappears


  2. Looks like any other copy paste menu i had before…. Has a bunch of easily detectable features. I'll just stick to using 2t1. They are the best at their game.

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