THE BIG COMPARISON | GTA IV vs. GTA V vs. Red Dead Redemption 2 | PC | ULTRA

I made this BIG GTA IV vs. GTA V vs. Red Dead Redemption 2 PC comparison to show the differences! Which one is the best?
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42 thoughts on “THE BIG COMPARISON | GTA IV vs. GTA V vs. Red Dead Redemption 2 | PC | ULTRA

  1. Gta 4 isn't that good like everyone says it is. I mean it has some better physics and things you can't do in gta 5 but I personally prefer and enjoyed gta 5 more. I haven't played rdr 2 yet but I'm planning on buying it soon

  2. GTA IV: Amazing Physics, Ok graphics but a terrible palette of colours, shit story and multiplayer, this game depress me.

    GTA V: Amazing Graphics and story, first person mode, Big map, trash unrealistic physics, multiplayer goes to OK to Terrible.

    Red dead Redemption 2: Best graphics i ever saw in console, amazing story, characters, giant map, good physics, But only horses the whole game.

    Diving out of a car – ALL
    Eating Food from Restaurant – RDR II
    Glass Window Shatter – GTA V & RDR II
    Shooting Park Bench – GTA IV
    Fire Graphics – RDR II

  4. I don't know why people find GTA 4's ragdoll physics realistic, I guess it was at it's time, but it's no longer realistic. 1:40 Look at how the body slides in GTA 4, it's unrealistic, does Niko have some kind of a slimy lotion or lube or something?

  5. Рдр 2 если честно в драках так себе. Потому что в рдр 2 такое ощущение что ты бьёшь по деревяшкам, а в гта 5 ты чисто чувствуешь что ты бьёшь по мясу. В гта прям человек от летает от ударов

  6. How we want GTA VI:
    -GTA IV's ragdoll and vehicles physics and damage;
    -A bigger map than GTA V and with a more accessible buildings (like GTA IV or RDR2);
    -RDR2's environmental physics (vegetation, rocks, mud…) and other stuff like hair and beard growth, weight gaining or losing etcetera…
    Another thing that i would really like is the change of seasons during the story, like in Bully.

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