The meaning behind the Fortnite Black Hole

All you need to know about the black hole in Fortnite
Game footage:

#Fortnite #Season11 #BlackHole
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30 thoughts on “The meaning behind the Fortnite Black Hole

  1. The game is so shit as hell shouldn't even have it's own damn movie. And stop the dances from the game. Or should I say GAYme. If a thing like that should get it's own movie by Sony it would be of course either GTA or roblox. Roblox is, was and will be my life. Same goes to GTA! THE GAME WAS EPIC AS HELL AND NO GAME LIKE FART-NIGHT WILL RUIN THAT EPIC ASS MOMENT BETWEEN ME AND THESE 2 GAMES!!! FUCKING EVEN PS4 SPIDERMAN IS BETTER THAN THAT FORTNITE RUBBISH.?

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