New Formula 1 car gameplay in GTA Online!
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47 thoughts on “THE NEW F1 CAR IN GTA ONLINE!

  1. what's your favourite team?
    Mercedes, Ferrari, red bull, Mclaren, toro Rosso,(red bulls second team) Renault, Racing point, Haas or Williams?
    mine red bull and bring back the series!

  2. This car was available to win in the casino for some time… on the last day it was available all three of my friends won the f*cking thing, who all three have millions of dollars to spare in the game… And I, who doesn't have that much in GTA didn't win it, unfortunately… and after that it was put on legendary motor sports as the fastest and most expensive car ever… I'm jealous as sh*t rn

  3. Love the car I won it yesterday handling is stupid good there are cars with faster top speed but its gotta have the best handling and it is so light you hit anything and you go flying

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