The NEW Ranked Journey Begins! – PS4 Apex Legends Ranked to Masters

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31 thoughts on “The NEW Ranked Journey Begins! – PS4 Apex Legends Ranked to Masters

  1. Hey Rich just wanted to tell you the way the ranked scoring system works for kills and assists is that each max out at 5 I believe. So getting 5 kills and 5 assists will give you the most amount points you can earn. I used to think all you needed was 5 kills or assists combined to get max points but it's not.

  2. Why should you listen on someone who kills a quarter of the players himself. That doesn't make sense, I would rather try my own techniques where i get a quarter of a kill on damage.

  3. Rich if you really think about it The Harvester has some poor amount of loot for how big it is. Which is probably one of the many reasons why people never land there but go there after being somewhere else.

  4. The thing that is annoying about this game is you can knock people you can't even see, what's the point of a sniper, their are many instances where itemp was shooting and hitting targets smaller than a grain of rice…. 16:45 can you honestly see what he is shooting at?

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