The Ranked Double Whammy – PS4 Apex Legends!

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Music used:

Run – Ross Bugden:


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50 thoughts on “The Ranked Double Whammy – PS4 Apex Legends!

  1. Talk about “momentum” @10:11 – What a grapple!!

    Ima’ big fan, Rich – and I have a challenge for you; land on a survey beacon and use it before looting! Gotta get value out of your passive!

    Peace! ✌?

  2. Rich this was fun to watch. If it wouldn’t be to much to ask, would you consider throwing a loss in everyday and switch them up in position so we wouldn’t know if you are going to win the first game or not. It would keep us guessing. Also you could throw in those good days where you get multiple wins. Always good to watch regardless of how you choose to do it my friend.

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