The worst mobile ripoff I have ever seen (Apex Legends Mobile)

The ripoff artists have gone too far this time.

This video shows a mobile ripoff game of Apex Legends on mobile. There are a lot of scummy similarities and it’s a great time.

Some say Apex Legends is dying but I think it will make an easy comeback with the next update, as long as they can get Shroud playing again. There are likely to be more mobile ripoffs/knock-offs of Apex Legends in the future, since the game grew so fast.

I play this mobile knock off/fake apex mobile on an android device. This apex copy is not from the fake mobile ad that has been going around, this is an actual playable ripoff.

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This video is a mobile #ripoff game of #ApexLegends on the #BasicallyHomeless channel


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20 thoughts on “The worst mobile ripoff I have ever seen (Apex Legends Mobile)

  1. You lie apax mobile is planed for 2020 you uploaded this vidio 2019 and its ownly planed so this is a other game and the rewiws are from the Bad game apax Heros

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