These Are Public Games Now… – PS4 Apex Legends

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35 thoughts on “These Are Public Games Now… – PS4 Apex Legends

  1. Did they make public matches skill based match making now? If I wanted to sweat my balls off I’d go play ranked. I’m finding 2 to 3 full apex squads now in each public game, just like ranked!

  2. Shooter games are going to shit because of "skill-based matchmaking." They forgot that it's a game and we just want to have some fun, not to compete. Everyone likes to play with a mix of shit and good players.

  3. The only way to have fun in apex rn is either
    – have premade squad
    – Being a noop

    Otherwise good luck in having fun in this game. I’ve 11k kills in my main, so whenever I play solo in Public either my teammates are level 20-40 or no one in my team because the “Team balanced” logic, so I’ve to face the “full-premade-50k kills combined-squad” every time alone or with little help from my team.

    Finding a good game nowadays is extremely rare, what a shame to lose a perfect game because stupid logics.

  4. Soooo what's the problem with the gameplay? Looks like how pubs are meant to be played.
    I think people complain about SBMM just because they have nothing else to complain about

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