They Buffed Bloodhound's Ultimate! – PS4 Apex Legends

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23 thoughts on “They Buffed Bloodhound's Ultimate! – PS4 Apex Legends

  1. Bloodhound, I never play apex but when you put on his ultimate I feel like you feel confident in the engagement the aggressive play, the thermal is really good. You beam these guys from distance big advantage. The passive is remarkable

  2. Personally I would not carry 2 assault rifles, one sniper is more superior than any gun. Why risk potentially death in a engagement when you have the ability to one shot kill or you could weaken the opponent and capitalise on this.

  3. It makes bloodhound much stronger in the final fights as it makes beast of the hunt last potentially the entire fight meaning you are the fastest and most accurate of anyone there provided you’re good at the game

  4. This is my first video of him and he sounds so civilized I’ve never seen a YouTuber be so civilized and I like it honestly and he’s really good I could learn a thing or two and learn to play blood hound

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