Tips For Car Guys On GTA Online Ep.6

Cant believe there are this many car tips in GTA? Are there more? let me know what tips you have got and I will shout you out in the next video.

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Lost Slam Van glitch:

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27 thoughts on “Tips For Car Guys On GTA Online Ep.6

  1. By the time I finally sell my xbox GTA finally, finally decides to bring back the slamvan and other shit that I’ve been waiting for for years???‍♂️

  2. The air port car delivery, the fact that you dont know it is just sad, also when calling the mechanic for a car look down to prevent the car from spawning far away, the spawning system works on delivering the car away from the player’s view so just look down and the car will spawn next to ya, i was surprised to know not alot of people know it

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