Top 10 Best Weapons In Apex Legends Season 4

Let’s talk about the 10 best weapons in Apex Legends season 4. I’ve ranked them all from best to worst so let me know if you agree with this list or not.

I talk about the L-Star, the Scout, the Sentinel, the Prowler, R-99, and much more. I also touch on some classic mainstays like the Peacekeeper and Wingman.

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46 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Weapons In Apex Legends Season 4

  1. Sentinel got a buff even tho it was already reliable at mid range without a charge but why the L-Star? Yea at point blank it's a good one and has kept me alive in fights where I was heavily out geared but it kicks like a pissed mule with thousand degree balls. The 301/R99 and wingman combo is still superb and the prowler is an absolute beast followed by ol Hemmy. Thoughts?

  2. R301 number 7? Why its low recoil uses light ammo and works in every range with the semi auto its a g7 with a full auto i personally think its the 2nd best in the game personally

  3. The Ha ok isn’t really that bad, I’ve gone on a 10 kill game with it. Obviously it isn’t amazing but it really isn’t that bad as a full auto weapon. The charge up has gotten me killed a few times but other than that, it honestly isn’t bad at all

  4. I love how all ur videos are only information and to the point and fluid. Makes it easier to learn and respect.( cause ur not wasting my/our time with subjective fluff.) love it!

  5. Merchant, Have you considered doing a list of Weapons specifically for characters?

    For example, The other day I managed to kill a squad of players by Bhopping up to their building while deploying cryptos drone, never actually got into the drone and then manually activated EMP, took out an arc star and chucked it at them, EMP went off, slowed their movement, arc star went off, broke their shields and then the Hammer point Mozam just one tapped them all.

    Or how the Havoc has very good damage, and decent recoil now, but requires the charge up, making it quite a good pick for a Gibraltar player as the gun shield basically guarantees it gets charged for free?

    Thought it might be something to look at for future content.

  6. The sentinel is absolutely garbage, the scout, and the hemlok, AND THE WINGMAN, AND THE PEACEKEEPER ?lmao. Where’s the Flatline? I feel like the good players wouldn’t make a list like this no offense. There’s only like 4-5 ACTUAL useful guns in Apex, such as the R-99, Prowler, r-301, charge rifle, flatline, and longbow.

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