TOP 10 GOALS: FIFA Women's World Cup Canada 2015 [OFFICIAL]

After a thrilling FIFA Women’s World Cup, users picked the greatest goals scored in Canada. Do you agree with #1?

FIFA Women’s World Cup Match HIGHLIGHTS:

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100 BEST GOALS – FIFA Women’s World Cup History:

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41 thoughts on “TOP 10 GOALS: FIFA Women's World Cup Canada 2015 [OFFICIAL]

  1. بحب كاس العالم للسيدات اكتر من الرجال وبشجع المنتخب الامريكى الافضل فى التاريخ لانة لما يكون اقل تصنيف التانى على
    Captains: Carli Lloyd, Becky Sauerbrunn, Alex Morgan, Megan Rapinoe
    Rosterالعالم ويوصل النهاردة النهاءى الثالث تواليا فهو بدون منازع الافضل بحب اليكس مورجان

  2. Woman’s football is a completely different game the discrepancy between how fast or slow the game is is massive woman’s football is rubbish not because they are woman but because woman just aren’t as fast or strong that’s just a fact so they can’t shoot harder run faster play better in general men’s football is immensely better and before u say did you see the shots in the video you’re forgetting there is a woman in goal woman are also so stupid they put that goal as number 1 because it was the longest they obviously know nothing about football the longest goals aren’t always the best

  3. I like how far women's football has come, very entertaining and a different world order from the men's international game. Let's hope it continues to grow and we start to see exceptionally talented technical players come through having been inspired by the forebearers.

  4. Great team goal by Japan: should've been ranked higher — but all the goals were very good — these ladies may not be as fast or powerful or even as skillful as the men, but they can play entertaining football and score some cracking goals

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