Top 10 Tips for NEW GTA 5 Online Players on PC! [GTA V]

Top 10 Tips for NEW GTA 5 Online Players on PC! [GTA V PC Tips & Tricks]
▶Hope you guys enjoy 🙂

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47 thoughts on “Top 10 Tips for NEW GTA 5 Online Players on PC! [GTA V]

  1. What a shitty video. You just go rambling about giving tips while circling cars with crappy frame rate. Why not SHOW us what you are talking about. How you got over a million subs is beyond me.

  2. You have a bad screen. I can see SCREEN TARRING or whatever its called, ive never got that. And what are you running on? If this is what consoles see, its sad.

  3. So… ur telling me that i can get rich by completing the flight school over and over again with different caracthers…transfer it to my main caracther and deleting the alt to do it again??

    Ohhhh yeahhh…Shit will go down…

  4. 6:43 Do u buy that car o Do u customise it? I really want it and i cant find it on travel and transport please help! 😉 add My account or comment this comment if u wanna help me out! 🙂 Name: Oliwer1123

  5. Tip no on3 covers is the 3 Interaction menu. Hold select or press m. The quick gps is amazing to immediatly go to closest mod shop, gun store, or objective that doesnt have auto mapping to it. Thats also qhere u eat snacks, equip masks on the go, and body armor.

  6. I bought a jet and dont get shot down in it often, i can evade 4/5 missiles, and the ones that hit only damage the engine slightly, i fly towards airport, parachute out, order another, land on top of it, get in and good to go again. I've also bought the house near grapeseed airport so i can spawn there.

    Spending a lot of time in jet means you can get the smuggle planes, crates and target vehicles etc before everyone else in general 🙂

    My K/D also has risen quite a bit since getting it xD

  7. okay can somebody help me? I have been playing Online on Pc for a week now and noticed there are no dlc weapons in the ammunation such as the tommy gun etc. Is there any way to acces the DLC weapons and vehicles aside from teh Heistupgrade?

  8. I have just started online for PC but I skipped the tutorial and now I don't know where to go. How can I do online missions.. I have 700,000 $

  9. So advice get a pistol only a pistol go to the highest levels with red mental states and keep trying to kill them buy a homing launcher and blow up all the super cars see

  10. when u pre-ordered gta 5 on pc i made the mistake of buying the 400k apartment so then i had 600k left then i linked my ps3 account and i only got the 600k and i dident have the extra apartment but i made the mistake of buying the apart soon i coild of got 1 million

  11. I was wondering if I can get back a zentorno on online in a solo session that I lost but I don't know how. it was in my garage and I got kicked for inactivity so when I got back my zentorno was gone????

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