Top 30 Tips & Tricks for Pubg Mobile The Bushka

Top 30 Tips & Tricks for Pubg Mobile The Bushka

A look at some in depth tactics tips & tricks that will make it an easier game for a human to get through.

Its not glitches and exploits, it’s good play and team work 🙂

I’d like to thank everyone who helped me get to 50,000 subs so fast and hope you enjoy the video 🙂

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This channel exists to help the humans, so welcome aboard the love train.

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31 thoughts on “Top 30 Tips & Tricks for Pubg Mobile The Bushka

  1. I really love the quality of your content, the information you put in and the way you explain without doing crazy flashy things as you mentioned, I'm really blown away by how much content you have uploaded, keep up the good work sir and hope you get 500k subs soon!

  2. Number 6…

    My point to those solo players on squad

    Mostly Pakistan and indian players mostly goes snake or run after you get knocked (till then other gets revived and comes on full HP) ??????

  3. Buska thank you for being alive.Great fan here and your tips and tricks are the best because you actually play the game.Keep teaching these players I’ve actually met some cool people playing with randoms lol.

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