Top 5 Most UNDER RATED Vehicles in GTA 5 Online in 2020!

▶In today’s GTA Online video, I go over my Top 5 Most UNDERRATED Vehicles in GTA 5 Online in 2020! What are yours?

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46 thoughts on “Top 5 Most UNDER RATED Vehicles in GTA 5 Online in 2020!

  1. 1. lectro (it’s amazing when you aren’t getting constantly rammed by cop cars)
    2. Vapid Eli (it looks, sounds amazing and it’s fast)
    3. Any arena war vehicles (they’re extremely fun to drive around with)
    4. Seven-70 (it looks, sounds, feels amazing and it’s really fast).
    5. Dune APV (it’s also fun to drive)

  2. It’s unfortunate if I stop grinding for cash in gta online and just have fun by cruising around free roam I’m down 1 million dollars by the time I start grinding again because of daily fees

  3. Zombie chopper, the cyclone, the race version of the mustang can beat everything but the Yosemite in an all muscle car race, and the Akula AND buzzard (if you know how to use it well as a combat veichle) is VERY underrated ANDDDDD I FORGOT (edit) that the visione with Benny’s wheels glitch looks soooo unbelievably sexy it is like one of my favorite cars to drive around and use to smoke a shiiiiit ton of people in drag races besides the yosimitie and the VAMOS(an amazing drag car that is sooo underrated and great looking) on a bad wheelie but the visione is really my favorite

  4. bruh i won the komoda from the wheel kept it in my garage for a week and then right after i throw a quarter mil into customizing it, it glitches out of of my garage on fucking christmas. great i have a useless mini tank and one of my favorite cars is gone. good lookin on the ruffian tho fuckin love that bike

  5. I use xa-21 in free-roam mode the car looks and sounds amazing and it's very easy to drive around in, for someone who sells his cars when he finds them to be non-competitive in stunt races it speaks a lot that I've kept it. I don't like using stunt race cars in free-roam because I don't have bullet-proof tires and full armor on them (to save money).
    Visione was a huge letdown for me, I thought it was going to be fast but it wasn't, it's suppose to be what Deveste Eight is, driving dynamics are not very impressive either.
    I thought I was going to like Komodo just for the looks alone, but when I drove it in the Casino prep mission, I didn't like it at all, I ended up liking the Jugular a lot more.

  6. Months ago, I stopped liking the XA 21 because while it had excellent performance and it looked sexy, it had a major bug where it would just flip over when you hit a kerb from the side and it got really annoying when driving it around especially when pushing it's 'excellent performance' to it's limit and so I sold it. I don't if Rockstar patched the bug yet so can someone reply if they did?

  7. You hit all the cars I think many don’t use. My only question. Is there any chance rockstar will give us more garages? By my count we can currently have 237 but three of those spots have to be the arena tanker truck and this is counting the special spots from the facility.

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