TOP 5 PUBG PRO PLAYER TIPS! – PlayerUnknownsBattlegrounds

How to get better at PUBG on Xbox Mobile or PC using Pro player tips! These should help you understand how to get better at PUBG or any other games.


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29 thoughts on “TOP 5 PUBG PRO PLAYER TIPS! – PlayerUnknownsBattlegrounds

  1. 1. B Hop to keep the movement
    2. Crouch Jump for windows
    3. Warm up (your hand eye coodination by shaking around and adjusting it)
    4. slow eye movement left right center left right
    5. always take dark lvl 2 helmet less visible
    6. claw grip for faster reaction look: 10:00

    Thank me later.

  2. If you are watching this video on 2019 and trying to become pro then pls refund your money from steam it's wast of time and money go join apex you can become pro guy very easy I hate PUBG why
    1) no firing directions
    2) fucking environment to spots players
    3) when we land we will die as fast as we can do
    4) we can't see players windows
    5) not having noob vs noob
    Noob vs pro and pro vs noob

  3. just land at any popular spot on the map, learn how to play the game and understand the mechanics so that everything can improve. Not to put this guys video down but dude really half the tips were not that important

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