Top 5 Things Fortnite COPIED From APEX LEGENDS!

Top 5 Things Fortnite COPIED From APEX LEGENDS!
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Here is a list of the Top 5 Things Fortnite COPIED From APEX LEGENDS!, for more new fortnite season 9 videos,secrets,glitches,easter eggs,update videos & more subscribe.


41 thoughts on “Top 5 Things Fortnite COPIED From APEX LEGENDS!

  1. your acting like you dont care that apex stole stuff and your just routing for fortnite
    all fortnite does and for all of you who thing apex copied fortnite ur wrong as pubg was before fortniet ,now go back to "sAvE tHe wOrrrrrLd

  2. The only thing fortnite has that Apex should, is the ability to have more than 2 guns. I’m kind of off and on with this idea, like Apex having Mule Kick, 3 guns, but again 2 guns is more intense

  3. Apex! Apex! Apex! Apex! Apex! GO APEX! Plus the season 12 trailer is cringe I mean like this gold dude calls a bunch of random people the only good player is agent peely

  4. At least Apex is realistic unlike Fortshit where u pull out a fucking newspaper and star building walls like wtf is that ? ur meant to kill the others not to build a hotel and hide from the others, plus the game died after Season 7 ??‍♂️ couldn't care less about the 10 year olds who are about to come and defend their +7 kid game

  5. Apex legends is better because:

    You don’t have to constantly spend money to not be called poor

    The characters have personalities

    The characters have powers

    Better graphics

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