Trevor, Michael, and Franklin from GTA 5 in Red Dead Redemption 2! (UPDATE)

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Are the main characters of GTA 5, Michael, Trevor, and Franklin, hidden in the new RDR 2?

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Steven Ogg Discovered in RDR2! Make sure to show love to our friend RobbinRams –

Part 1 to this video –

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41 thoughts on “Trevor, Michael, and Franklin from GTA 5 in Red Dead Redemption 2! (UPDATE)

  1. The point of the letter is that it is referencing the first game. And no that is not Bonnie’s lover that is someone who is in love with Bonnie she didn’t love him and how is it weird for someone to have a attraction with someone? Are you asexual do you not understand what love is? Think man think

  2. Micheal don’t have a speaking voice but can be found at a ufo site Trevor I’m not sure where I can find him and Franklin I don’t know but have they used time travel?

  3. Michael is in the game where the ufo is abducting a guy on the mountain its a easter egg only one person interacted with it you can pick up somthibg and it the epsilon chain or w.e and you can wear it and Michaelcan acually join the program

  4. I come up with a theory that maybe possibly trevor, Michael and Franklin are in the game but since the game is in the past then that would make them reincarnated in gta 5?

  5. Micah is Trevor because he’s crazy, John is franklin because they are the same think about it, Arthur is Micheal because his past catches up with him in the end

  6. Tbh what I was thinking or hoping for was to meet some GTA characters' great grandpa, or family members in this title, examples Franklin's great parents the Clintons, Trevors' too up North the Philips and Michael's too the Townleys

  7. The note said 2 kids. Michael and his wife have two kids what if it's like a past life thing and the guy on the beach had a dream of his future life as Michael leaving Bonnie to be his wife in the dream/future life.

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