Trevor vs Arthur – Who does it Better? (GTA V vs RDR 2)

A comparison between Arthur Morgan (Red Dead Redemption 2) and Trevor Philips (GTA V).
Watch how they perform basic tasks in the games.
Who is best? Arthur or Trevor? Comment!

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32 thoughts on “Trevor vs Arthur – Who does it Better? (GTA V vs RDR 2)

  1. The swimming mechanics in RDR2 were pretty rudimentary, compared to GTAV. But that seems somewhat fair, Arthur can barely seem just based on how he swims.

  2. John: He i wanna be a part of this
    BlaZe: Fair enough for our first challenge i need you to jump into the water as smooth as possible
    John: Oh no ehm i just remembered that i eh have to take uncle to the eh physio therapist to get his Lumbago treated

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