ULTIMATE Fortnite HACKER Compilation! #4

4th video in the series of ultimate fortnite hackers. The most ridiculous, rage inducing, and funniest hacker moments in fortnite! It can be pretty frustrating when you’re the one getting lasered by someone cheating, but it’s pretty enjoyable to watch it happen to other people. Enjoy the video!

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32 thoughts on “ULTIMATE Fortnite HACKER Compilation! #4

  1. It's mainly the defaults cause they play the game, die, and then think "oh man, I'm gonna hack the game cause I think its allowed, I mean, ruining people's games and being illegal is so allowed." In other words they do it cause they know they to bad to get a real kill. Trust me. You cant tell me there isnt more default hackers in this vid than normal ones.

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