uNdErRAtEd pHoNe pLayER (fortnite mobile)

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30 thoughts on “uNdErRAtEd pHoNe pLayER (fortnite mobile)

  1. I doubt that anyone will read this?

    I’m just a small YouTuber trying to make the best content that I’m able too so can you please help me out? If not it’s okay I wish you luck and happy year??

  2. sorry bruv but i play on a iPhone 10xs ma…….. sorry iPhone 6s no really i do and i have a gaming computer >:) but i still play on the 6s when you inspire me 🙂

  3. Why dont u make the 60 fps glitch like me cuz i am on iphone 7+ and normally have 30 or 40 fps and then i figerred out that i CAN get 60 with that ez glitch and i am using it 3 months already

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