*UPDATED* HOW TO FIX LAG in PUBG Mobile! (MAX FPS Tips and Tricks, Low PING VPN Trick)

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PUBG Mobile Ultimate Guide to Become a Pro

Hi everyone! ExxotikGaming here back with one of my most highly-requested PUBG Mobile videos ever! This is a sequel (updated video) to the “How to FIX LAG in PUBG Mobile” video I posted almost one year ago now. Yes, that video had some amazing tricks, but guess what? I have way more now for this video, including some special new apps that lower PING (even no PING VPN apps), boost device and game performance, and max graphics out! These apps are so OP, I don’t know why you WOULDN’T use them. Check them out and watch this whole video! 😀

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24 thoughts on “*UPDATED* HOW TO FIX LAG in PUBG Mobile! (MAX FPS Tips and Tricks, Low PING VPN Trick)

  1. Hey guys! Since I have so many fans from Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa, I thought this time I’d upload at the perfect time for you guys to watch first. Enjoy! ?

  2. I tried so many solutions but my game was still lagging. I was almost about to give up. But i found some weird solution for my phone.
    If you have Huawei phone, just turn off your freaking power saving mode. I suddenly saw that power saving mode says it will limits background app activity and reduces visual effect to save my battery. LoL

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