Want to Improve Your Aim? Remove Hitmarkers – Apex Legends Tips

If you want to improve your aim quickly in Apex Legends, try to remove hitmarkers. Without them, visibility is much better and now there is so much muzzle flash it’s a good alternative. It’s far easier to actually shoot at what you’re aiming at.

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You have more view of the body you are aiming at and as it moves left to right, the hitmarker icon isn’t getting in the way. When it does get in the way, you are forced to make guess work about whether the player is a few pixels to the left or right of your crosshair and sometimes that means you miss more shots. With this option it becomes far easier to track players as they move in Apex Legends.

This aiming method also makes it easier to hit better shots with the Peacekeeper because you can more clearly see where the pellets are going and how you can adapt to get more pellets on target next time.
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37 thoughts on “Want to Improve Your Aim? Remove Hitmarkers – Apex Legends Tips

  1. doesnt really make any difference to me. Once your focused in battle nothing pulls you off target. The only thing for me in this game vs cod is: cod head shots are 1000% easier to achieve… maybe its me but in cod i instinctly aim for the head. In this im always aiming at the chest… Anyone else get this??

  2. Especially with the new firing range mode they added I’ll definitely be trying this. There’s too many times where I lose track while firing an r99 to the point the prowler is now my main smg. Now if only I weren’t working out of state to try this out >.>

  3. let me give you another tip a hit market is actually helping you instead after yu hit your first shot there is a hitmaker and you just need to center your target to your hit marker to hit your second shot, you might argue that you already got sights to center with but I disagree the sights help you hit your first shot but then the muzzle flash takes over everything so you can't see clearly where is the dot of your red dot sight second thing hit markers help you aim with hip so don't turn it off I found my aim terrible after turning of hit markers

  4. When in training forget everything and try to shoot bloodhound that's the best way try and shoot him while you move
    Or you can download aimlab in steam really helps

  5. Wow, this tip absolutely transformed my game! From having a "good" game with 500 damage before I've now had several games in the 1200 – 1400 region! I would NEVER have believed that removing both hitmarkers and damage numbers could have such an impact, thank you!

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